Sector for Planning, Analytics, Cooperation and Public Relations

Sector for Planning, Analytics, Cooperation and Public Relations develops and follows-up implementation of strategic and operational plans of the Agency, coordinates work with analysts from other organisational units, collects, analyses and develops analytical information, programmes and reports on the Agency's activities, performs tasks related to implementation of regulations on personal data protection, takes care of documents and materials submitted to the Director, prepares and organises counselling and other events organised by the Agency, develops analyses for external and internal use, follows-up implementation of the conclusions of the Management Board, performs tasks related to international and inter-agency cooperation, translation and proofreading of materials, and performs other duties in accordance with the law.

There is the Public Relations Group within this Sector, in charge of organising public relations of the Agency, cooperation with relevant authorities, public relations services and media representatives.

Internal Organisational Units

  • Section for Strategy, Planning, Analytics and Personal Data Protection
  • Section for International and Inter-Agency Cooperation
  • Public Relations Group