Internal Control Department

The Internal Control Department conducts internal proceedings related to complaints about misconduct and work of police officials and other employees of SIPA. Citizens are the initiators of internal investigations and as such can file a complaint on the work of police officials at any moment. At the entrance of the Agency’s Headquarters in Istočno Sarajevo, Mostar Regional Office, Banjaluka Regional Office, and Tuzla Regional Office, the Internal Control Department set up boxes for the citizens to put complaints about the work of SIPA’s employees.

The complaints about the work of SIPA’s employees can also be sent to e-mail:

The Internal Control Department conducts investigative procedures on the use of force, use of lethal force, excess of authority, corruption and other irregularities in the work of the SIPA police officials. Also, the Department carries out internal inspections in the SIPA, establishes internal and external cooperation in investigations, informs the SIPA Director about the investigation outcomes and submits him/her final report.

In accordance with the law, the Department performs basic security screening, performs tasks and takes measures to ensure physical, technical and other type of protection of the documents in connection with the lawful handling, storage, transfer and destruction of the protected documents. It also takes care of the development and implementation of physical, organisational and technical standards for the protection of secret data in SIPA and performs other duties in accordance with the law.

Internal Organisational Units

  • Section for Internal Investigations
  • Section for Security Screening
  • Group for Internal Inspection and Professional Standards
  • Group for Secret Data Sub-registry