Sector for Administration and Internal Support

Since the establishment of SIPA, the personnel policy has been implemented in line with the plan and according to the needs. SIPA started with three members of staff and the number of employees has been increasing from year to year. Staffing was done through public job announcements to which thousands of candidates applied. Selection procedures resulted in selection of the candidates who met job requirements for a police authority. The current staffing of SIPA is over 70%.

Rejuvenation of police personnel as one of the priorities of the SIPA personnel policy has been achieved through recruitment of highly educated young people – cadets in the rank of a Junior Inspector, who following completion of appropriate training are qualified to meet the needs and requirements of their jobs in SIPA. The State Investigation and Protection Agency has recruited and trained four classes of cadets – 105 Junior Inspectors, who with their daily engagement contribute to overall SIPA's operation.

The Sector for Administration and Internal Support provides administrative support to the Agency. The Sector develops programmes, information and reports, establishes internal and external cooperation related to the Sector's scope of work, follows-up and analyses effects of the laws on the Agency’s operation, provides expert interpretations aimed at unformed implementation and application of regulations, follows-up and analyses compliance of regulations applied by the Agency, initiates their adoption and amendments, follows-up and analyses situation related to recruitment and discharge of employees, carries out activities related to legal and labour relations of employees, establishes and maintains proper records, conducts administrative proceedings, prepares documents regulating employment status issues, participates in planning, organization and coordination of trainings in the Agency, performs other tasks in accordance with the law.

Internal organisational units

  • Section for Normative and Legal Affairs
  • Section for Personnel Affairs, Human Resources Development and Trainings
  • Clerk’s Office and Archive