Operations Support Sector

Today, in times of electronic expansion, it is almost impossible to imagine investigations without proper operations support. SIPA includes the Operations Support Sector providing necessary assistance in conducting investigations to other organisational units. With the aim of collecting evidence, the Operations Support Sector implements measures and actions, ordered by the court, in relation to special investigative measures: surveillance and technical recording of telecommunications, access to computer systems and computer data analysis, surveillance and technical recording of premises, secret surveillance and technical recording of individuals and objects, surveillance of transport and delivery of items subject to criminal offence.

Section for Operational and Technical Surveillance is an internal organisational unit within the Operations Support Sector. This Section performs operational and technical field surveillance and conducts analysis of digital evidence in criminal proceedings for SIPA and other B&H police authorities, thus significantly contributing to detection and apprehension of perpetrators. This is why this Section is an unavoidable and respectable factor in investigations, both in application of special investigative actions and analysis of digital evidence. 

Section for Lawful Interception of Communications was established in 2008. It works 24 hours a day and is responsible for operational measures and activities aimed at timely collection of information on perpetrators of criminal offences and their criminal activities.  In addition to work and tasks performed for SIPA, the Section provides technical support to other police agencies in B&H in special investigative measures of surveillance and technical recording of telecommunications.

The Operations Support Sector is in charge of counter-explosive and counter-sabotage protection in the Agency and within competence of the Agency. Moreover, it performs tasks of operative duty in the Agency and tasks related to maintenance, development and security of the Agency’s IT system and some tasks related to protection of individuals and facilities of the Agency. The Sector develops and uses communication and crypto – protection systems and performs other tasks in accordance with the law.     

The SIPA Rulebook on Internal Organisation provides for Helicopter Group within the Operations Support Sector, which will provide support to other organisational units in the most complex situations and whose establishment is planned in the following period.

Internal Organisational Units

  • Operational Communication Section
  • Section for Operational and Technical Surveillance and IT support
  • Section for IT, Communications and Security of IT Systems
  • Section for Lawful Interception of Communications
  • Section for Counter-Sabotage, Counter-Explosive and Technical Protection
  • Group for Criminal and Polygraph Expertise
  • Helicopter Group