Sector for Material and Financial Affairs

Material and technical equipping of the Agency is an important segment of efficient performance of tasks and duties. In addition, the procurement of adequate specialised equipment is one of the prerequisites for efficient investigations and fieldwork. A number of open procedures, direct agreements, negotiation procedures and other procurement procedures prescribed by law have been implemented by the Sector for Material and Financial Affairs.

Sector for Material and Financial Affairs provides logistic support to other organisational units of the Agency. The Sector cooperates with other organisational units and other authorities and organisations in operations related to its scope of work, takes care of implementation of material equipping plans, performs accounting and financial tasks as well as those related to property and legal affairs, takes care of vehicles, facilities and equipment of the Agency, receives, stores and distributes all procured and donated equipment, develops annual budget, follows-up budget implementation,  keeps all accounting records provided for by the law, settles all obligations towards suppliers, employees, etc. develops internal documents and regulations related to the scope of work of the Sector, develops material and financial plans and programmes, periodical and annual calculations and reports on financial operations of the Agency, participates in preparation and conclusion of contracts on procurement of goods, services and works for the Agency, takes care debts collection.

Internal Organisational Units

  • Section for Material Operations, Logistics and Maintenance
  • Section for Finance and Accounting