SIPA continued activities within the case „Lutka“

With the assistance of SIPA, German Federal Police solved murder after 27 years

Within measures and action taken to document the criminal offences that have been investigated within the case code-named “Lutka”, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) delivered information to the police of Federal Republic of Germany on the identity of an individual who committed the offence of murder. The murder was committed on the territory of Federal Republic of Germany in 1990.

After the checks carried out by German Federal Police, the identity of the offender has been confirmed and a murder was finally solved after 27 years. The individual concerned was investigated within the case code-named “Lutka“. SIPA filed a report against this individual to the Prosecutor’s Office B&H. The report was submitted due to reasonable suspicion that this individual perpetrated several criminal offences on the territory of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Since investigative team of SIPA under the code name „Lutka“ actively continues its work with the aim of solving a large number of offences of murder, robbery, extortion and other serious crime, the additional results are expected in the future period.

The information delivered to the police of Federal Republic of Germany was of crucial importance for the investigation, which means that SIPA once again proved to be a key partner in international police cooperation on the most complex cases.