Training of Members of SIPA and Armed Forces BH Successfully Finalised

Upon successfully finalised training on Unexploded Ordnance Disposal (UXO), attended by members of the State Investigation and protection Agency (SIPA) and Armed Forces BH, a ceremony was held at the Rajlovac Army Barracks of the Armed Forces BH on the occasion of awarding the certificates to the attendees of the training.

In addition to members of the Armed Forces BH, members of the SIPA Special Support Unit headed by Jovica Mirosavljević, Acting Deputy Commander, also attended the ceremony.

In the period between 17 March and 8 May 2014, the police officials of the SIPA Special Support Unit and members of the Armed Forces BH attended the “Basic Training Course on Unexploded Ordnance Disposal – Level 2”.

The training course was carried out at the Rajlovac army barracks of the Armed Forces BH and “Gladna Brda – Glamoč” military training ground, commanded by instructors from the Centre for Training, Mine Action and UXO of the Armed Forces BH.

The attendees were trained on ammunition markings, general information on explosives, fuses and their function, basics of detection and disposal of UXO, as well as safety measures. They were trained to recognise, identify and perform individual and mass destruction of explosive ordnance or their disposal.

Twelve members of SIPA successfully completed this training course, whereby they acquired the title of Conventional Munitions Disposal Technicians (CMD).

The participation in this training is a continuation of a successful cooperation between the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and Armed Forces BH in their professional development with the aim to efficiently respond to all challenges in their future work, as well as an indicator that their members are prepared to continually acquire new knowledge and skills.