SIPA searched business premises in Gradačac for Impermissible Use of Copyrights

23/11/2017 – Acting upon the orders of the Court of B&H and the Prosecutor's Office of B&H, police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency searched a business premises on the territory of Gradačac, with the aim of suppression of the impermissible use of copyrights.

The search was conducted on the grounds for suspicion that a criminal offence of impermissible use of copyrights (set out in Article 243 of the CC of B&H), in conjunction with the Law on copyright and related rights in B&H, was committed.

During the search the following assets have been found and seized: several photocopies of printed textbooks by different authors, computer equipment and other assets that may serve as evidence in further proceedings.

Against the responsible person, who is the owner of the business premises, a report on the perpetrated criminal offence and perpetrator will be submitted to the Prosecutors Office of B&H.