OTHERS ABOUT US: Oslobođenje – Person of the Week

Perica Stanić, precise and clear

In the edition of a daily newspaper „Oslobođenje“, dated 21/10/2107, in the aticle entitled „Perica Stanić, precise and clear“, Director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (hereinafter: SIPA) Mr. Perica Stanić was declared Person of the Week.

In the article on the session of Independent Board of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, it is stated, inter alia, that the management od SIPA, headed by Mr. Perica Stanić, once again categorically rejected all of the allegations of alleged illegal wiretapping. The Independent Board noted this information and rendered their full support to the SIPA management in thier future work.

„With more than 20 years of experience in the police structures, Mr. Perica Stanić was an expert advisor to the Republic of Srpska Police Director, before he was appointed Director of SIPA“, the article states. The whole article can be found here.