Official Handover of $450.000 worth Donation from ICITAP to SIPA

On 4 September 2014, at the official premises of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) an official donation handover from ICITAP and US Embassy to SIPA was held. The donation was formally received by Goran Zubac, Director of SIPA. The donation includes police equipment, 5-11 tactical uniforms, in the value of $450.000, which were presented by police officials of SIPA.

On this occasion, a press conference was held, attended by Charles Bennett, Director of ICITAP in BH, representatives of the US Embassy and Director of SIPA with closest associates.

The Director of ICITAP expressed his content with the handover of the equipment to the partners from SIPA and pointed out the importance of the donation not only for the US Government and SIPA, but for all the citizens of BH to whose interest SIPA operates. Bennett said that SIPA did its job well and that the cooperation with SIPA is of the utmost interest. “ICITAP wishes to reinforce capacities of the state institutions and assist citizens of BH”, emphasised Bennett.

Goran Zubac, Director of SIPA, said he was honoured by this valuable donation. “We are known by talking little, but doing much”, said Zubac. He pointed out that SIPA is clearly positioned as the state agency and completely fulfilled its legislative role, taking measures and actions from its competence, particularly in combating organised crime, terrorism, and financial crime and corruption. Zubac highlighted that SIPA was getting stronger by the day and more equipped to enforce the law and serve the citizens of BH and that strengthening human and technical resources was its priority and that SIPA would justify the trust by future operations.

 Zubac presented the Director of ICITAP with an embedded emblem of the State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA’s highest recognition, as a symbol of gratitude for support and SIPA capacity reinforcement.

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