Mrkonjić Grad: Weapons and Military Equipment Detected During the Searches

Acting upon the order of the Court of B&H, police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency conducted searches of five premises used by the suspects, on the territory of Mrkonjić Grad. During the searches, the following weapons and military equipment have been found and temporarily seized: two M70 assault rifles, one M56 submachine gun, one M76 sniper rifles, three M48 rifles, one M57 pistol, one M70 pistol, three hand grenades, 1000 pieces of ammunition of different caliber, as well as the other assests that may serve as evidence in further proceedings.

As mentioned in the previous public announcement, SIPA apprehended four individuals on the territory of Mrkonjić Grad and Prnjavor this morning (15/11/2017), on the grounds for suspicion of having committed a criminal offence of War Crimes against Civilians (set out in Article 173 of the CC of B&H, in conjunction with Article 180 of the CC of B&H) on the territory of Donji Vakuf in 1995.

The appredended individuals are currently being criminally processed in the official premises of SIPA, after which they will be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H for further proceedings.

The activities in this case will be continued.