Klix.ba: Fearless SIPA Female Investigators

Yesterday (17/5/2015) - Web portal Klix.ba published the story titled “Fearless SIPA Female Investigators”: Women in Police live their Job” which tells about women police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency.

”The State Investigation and Protection Agency is a leading police agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina by women representation – female police officials in its organisation. Out of total 519 police officials, 70 or 13.49 percent are women, which is much higher than in other police agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina where percentages range from 3.3 to 8.74 percent”, the article said.

Three SIPA female inspectors performing different tasks in the Agency spoke about why they chose this profession, about their job, the challenges they face as well as their relations with male colleagues. 

“You have to love your job in order to be able to do it well and achieve your maximum. This is a humane and honourable profession. A police career is not just a job or a profession, but a permanent lifetime commitment. We actually live this job, the women inspectors agreed ", the article said.

The full story can be read  here.