Jonathan Moore: SIPA is Important and Influential Agency

On 15 September 2014, the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) was visited by Ambassador Jonathan Moore, the Head of OSCE Mission in BH, who met with Goran Zubac, Director of SIPA.

This was an inaugural visit and directions and modalities of future cooperation in issues of mutual interest were discussed, as well as current security issues and latest operations carried out by SIPA.

In a discussion with the Head of OSCE Mission, Director of SIPA pointed out that the priorities of the Agency were fighting organised crime, terrorism, serious financial crime and corruption. He presented the results of the latest operations by SIPA in fighting these types of crime and highlighted that SIPA was an important counterpart in the international operational police cooperation in fighting all types of organised crime.

On this occasion, a press conference was held by Moore and Zubac.

The Ambassador Moore expressed his satisfaction during the visit stating that SIPA was an important and influential Agency and partner of this Mission in BH.

Director Zubac said it was his honour to talk to the Head of OSCE Mission in BH and that the successful cooperation would be continued.

He also said that SIPA was seriously continuing its activities in fighting the most complex types of crime in BH, with the aim of fulfilling its legislative role and generally reinforcing the security environment in BH.