David M. Robinson: SIPA Important Factor in Combating Crime in B&H

Today (10/11/2014) - Director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) Goran Zubac received a visit from the Principal Deputy High Representative David M. Robinson. Since it was the first visit of the Principal Deputy High Representative to SIPA, they talked about all aspects of work of the Agency, its competence, organisational structure, modalities of cooperation with partner agencies in Bosnia and beyond, and the role of SIPA in the security system of B&H.

The Director of SIPA informed Robinson about all important facts related to successful performance of the Agency, its future priorities as well as results of the SIPA previous operations in fighting the most complex types of crimes. He pointed out that the future emphasis will be on strengthening overall capacity of SIPA through material-technical equipping and profiling of the most powerful investigative teams, which will raise performance results to a higher qualitative level. He stressed that SIPA is committed to fight against all types of crime and that it operates at full capacity.

During the visit both sides agreed that SIPA is a key factor in the fight against organised crime, terrorism, financial crime and corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina and establishment of the rule of law as well as creation of a safer environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Principal Deputy High Representative commended the efforts of SIPA in the fight against the most complex types of crime and its contribution to strengthening the rule of law in B&H as well as expressed the support of the Office of the High Representative for its future work. Accompanied by Director Zubac and its closest associates Robinson toured the premises of the Agency HQ and visited main organisational units.