Crime-Stoppers in July: 418 Calls and 89 Useful Information Received

In July 2014, the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) police officials registered 418 calls to the Crime-Stoppers hotline.

In this period, citizens submitted 89 useful information about committed or planned criminal offences and their perpetrators, based on which the same number of reports was made.

The majority of information referred to the criminal offences of “Abuse of Official Position or Authority” (31) and Unauthorised Drug Trafficking (15).

Out of the total number of useful information, 89 of them, along with the reports, were forwarded for further processing to competent police authorities in BH and SIPA acted upon 11 information.

Within the reporting period, 70 pieces of feedback were received from the competent police authorities related to the information previously submitted via the Crime-Stoppers. Based on this information, four reports on criminal offences and their perpetrators were submitted to the competent Prosecutor’s Offices and three reports were submitted for further evaluation.

In addition, SIPA’s police officials gave 128 recommendations to the citizens who contacted them via the anonymous and free Crime-Stoppers telephone number - 080 020 505.