Message of the Director

Welcome to the website of the State Investigation and Protection Agency, where you can find basic information about the Agency, its competence and organisation, and its role in the security system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here you can also find information on the latest SIPA's operations, cooperation with other agencies and institutions, media reports on activities and many other interesting things about our work, all with the aim of increasing the responsibility and transparency of the SIPA's work.

As part of the continuous process of modernisation, capacity building and development of public relations, the SIPA website, designed in accordance with the latest trends, allows you to easily follow news and events related to SIPA activities. It also provides you a modern content display, facilitated search and access to information, as well as integration with social networks and content sharing. By using responsive web design, you are enabled to follow us via your mobile phones and tablets. You can also keep up with our activities on SIPA's social networks accounts (You Tube and Twitter).

In the previous period, SIPA has achieved significant results in carrying out the tasks within its competence, by which it has confirmed its roles as the leading police agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, and the desirable international police cooperation partner and gained the trust of the citizens. SIPA has the staff who do their job professionally and it is also technically and materially equipped to be able to fight against all types of crime. SIPA cooperates with other security agencies and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a daily basis in order to jointly tackle all today's security challenges.

SIPA will continue to work intensively and the priority will be fight against terrorism, as the biggest security challenge nowadays, and all types of organised crime and corruption, which are the obstacles to the prosperity of our society and particularly to the EU integration, with the aim of creating a safer environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dear citizens,we expect from you to be our partners in this fight, as always before.

SIPA’s staff members do their job professionally and honourably. They are at the service of our citizens 24 hours a day and take care of your safety, which is the SIPA’s main task.

Darko Ćulum